The One Thing That No One Can Take Away From Your Online Business

There are many fears that a person running an online business can have. Here are some of the “what if’s”:

  • Facebook closes my account or page?
  • Youtube decides to delete my channel?
  • Google changes their search algorithm?
  • My ad campaign stops working?

Now, even though these things will probably not happen to you—this has happened to a lot of other people. So no one is truly safe and therefore you should not be 100% dependent on any of these platforms. For example, many people lost their businesses after the Penguin update from Google 2012.

Now, luckily for you—there’s one thing that no one can take away from you. And that is…

Your Email List

Yes—AWeber or whatever email software you use can decide to ban you from their platform—and it has happened to people.


You can always export a CSV file with all the emails that you’ve collected.  So imagine if you’ve lost everything. You’d be able to send out an email to your customer saying:

Hey! We’ve changed platforms. Right now you can follow us here:

The One Safe Property That You Have

The money is in the list is a term that is being frequently used by internet marketers. Yes, that is true even though it need to be defined more clearly because otherwise, all spammers would be millionaires. The money is in the relationship that you have with the list and more specifically;

In the value that you provide to your list.

That is what ultimately creates the relationship. Now, I know that this is not as tangible as saying “20 000 followers” or “20 000 email subscribers.”  But that’s the truth—because the value that you provide will give them the trust to buy from you again and again. That’s why some people with seemingly small lists can outperform other people with much bigger lists in an affiliate contest or other promotions. Therefore, make sure that you follow the golden rule of email marketing:

Don’t promote something that you don’t believe in yourself.

The temptation of easy money has damaged a lot of big internet marketings. Therefore, make sure that you promote something that you either use or would use yourself.

How To Get The Email Addresses From Your Followers

Let’s say you have a big following on Youtube. How can you get those people’s email addresses? Well, first of all—you need to incentivise them to give you their email address. This could be done by giving away something of high perceived value for free. Take a look at our header to see our free ebook as an example.

How do you set all this up? We use Leadpages and AWeber, and that’s what we recommend. They will give you videos and step by step tutorials to help you with setting this up. Otherwise, just use Google or Youtube to find out how to set up Leadpages and AWeber. Perhaps I’ll create a tutorial at a later point as well.

Now, once you’ve set up your free give away—an ebook, video series or report—you want to mention that to your followers. So for example, at the end of the video, say:

 I hope you’ve enjoyed this video! By the way—I’ve created an in-depth ebook that will help you more with this [problem]. Get it for free now by clicking the first link in the description. It will only be available for a limited time so act now! Thanks.

There you have it! You’re giving them an ethical bribe and in return, you get their email address. If you have a website; have the ethical bribe at the top of your page. That will tell the visitor where you want them to go. Don’t hide it and expect that if they want it, they’ll find it.

The Biggest Benefit Of Communicating Through Email

Imagine all the distractions on social media. You’re just a small piece of a person’s Facebook feed. They can easily scroll past you and look at your competitor’s post instead. The same is true with Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and all other platforms. But with email, you’re the only one there, once they’ve clicked on your email.

This is a huge advantage. Email is more personalized since it’s one on one communication. Therefore, treat as such by avoiding openings like “Hey guys.” Now if you’re using AWeber, you can automate the personalization in every email. AWeber knows the person’s name and will open each email with “Hey Max” or whatever else their name is.

Big Potential In Email Marketing

Some people might tell you that the open rate and conversion rate for email are lower now than ten years ago. While that is true—it’s still big potential in email marketing. Remember, your email list is the one thing that no one can take away from you (if you make sure to export your file from time to time).

If you don’t already have an email autoresponder or email capture page—make sure to check out Leadpages and AWeber.

=>Click here to try AWeber for free<=

=>Click here to learn more about leadpages<=

No matter what business you’re in; you should focus on building a list—even if you have an offline business. There are many other companies that want’s your customers. Therefore, keep them close by building a personalized one on one relationship. More importantly, don’t be dependent on a platform like Facebook or Youtube for sales.

Imagine if one of your viewers woke up one morning without being able to find you on Youtube. Now, you might still be going strong on Facebook. But this one customer only knew about you through Youtube. He probably doesn’t remember your brand name unless he had been following you for a long time. Now multiply this one viewer by 1000x. Without an email list—these potential customers might be lost forever. With a list, however, you are just one email away from getting their attention again.

I hope you found this post helpful.  Remember that comments are very welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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