Self-Publishing: Our Story of how we Reached Around $5000/Month

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In this blog post, I’ll share our story of how we reached around $5000 per month with self-publishing. The goal with this blog post is to give some inspiration. The underlying message will be to have persistence in whatever you’ve decided to embark upon.

When We Finally Said “Enough Is Enough.”

For us, it all started in September 2014. My wife Jenny and I were working in factories in Norway. We were earning a lot of money and Norway is famous for being a rich country. However, we were working up to 13 hour days and more importantly, we were doing something that we hated. The repetitive tasks and the feeling of being a cog in a machine finally became too much for us. We decided there and then that we were going to move back to Sweden to start our own business. We had saved up some money that we could use for a down payment on a house. However, the bank didn’t want to give us the loan since we didn’t have any jobs. So I convinced my father to stand as security for the loan.

Starting Our First Business

Long story short, we decided to start a webshop. We wanted to jump on this opportunity called the internet and with the knowledge that we had it sounded like a good idea to start an online store. We spent thousands of dollars to buy inventory and get everything setup. Jenny was working very hard with the marketing and after a while, we received our first sales.

Then one day we were sitting at the dinner table and talking about the fact that we were going to need an income soon.

We were talking about leveraging the skills that we already had. Then suddenly a second idea was born. We had the whole business plan laid out in a matter of minutes. We were going to solve a tax related problem for companies in Sweden. I was going to cold call businesses and offer them this service. I had started selling things over the phone when I was 15 years old, so I knew how to do it.

Experiencing Success but Being Miserable

Sure enough, that business took off. We made over 40 sales within six months and one client alone gave us over $10 000 in profit.


This is in Swedish currency: 10 SEK = 1.6 USD

I was able to write off my father from the loan after six months, and everything was looking good. There was only one big problem. I hated our business. I was following Brian Tracy’s advice of reading one hour every morning, and I loved those moments. I wanted them to last forever. The reason was that I knew that when they ended, I had to go up and make those damn cold calls. Some days were easier than others, but I was alone. When I had worked as a salesperson in other places, I had a team that was doing the same task as me. We could joke and laugh about angry clients. But now it was just me cold calling, and I was feeling the burden of it. However, Jenny was often present and worked as somewhat of a coach while working with the building of our web shop.

There has to be A Better Way

I read 54 of books on self-development, investing and business during 2015 and a lot of them I read together with Jenny. In these books, we discovered two main things that made us change the path that we were on. The number one thing that we learned was about creating assets. We learned that we were not business owners, we were self-employed. If I stopped making calls, the company would stop making money. The second thing that we learned about was push versus pull motivation. I was purely using my will power to complete every day. As stated before, I hated it, and I remember being somewhat jealous of the other people that I called who worked with bookkeeping and what not.

So there and then we decided to invest in real estate. We were going to buy some assets that could give us passive income. Now, the bank was quick at giving us a loan even though we didn’t have jobs. The numbers that our business produced did the talking. However, we did not find the right deal the first month. We were also talking about moving to another country since our business was not location dependent. However, that made real estate investing a bad timing. But we still wanted to create assets, so we decided to look for ways to create an online business and make money online. We watched a lot of videos on Youtube, and we got somewhat overwhelmed.

Self-Publishing.. Hmm.. Interesting!

Then after looking for ways to create an ebook and sell on Clickbank we stumbled across a guy called Stefan Pylarinos. He was talking about Kindle publishing and Self-publishing, and we immediately felt an urge to learn more. We looked at his videos, and we got excited when he explained about the growth of Kindle. We connected it with something that Elliot Hulse had said in his non-job campaign which was that the ebook prices were dropping because of Kindle.

Long story short, we joined his Self-Publishing course called K Money Mastery in late December of 2015 and had success with our first two books. We made over $400 the first month on the first book we published. The second book earned us around $100, but then something happened. The books that we published after that were not successful at all. We panicked when we realised that we were publishing more books, but our royalties were dropping every week. That’s when we understood the importance of keyword/niche research. After that, we kept learning from our mistakes, and eventually we reached around $4500-$5000 within six months.

Follow Our Journey As We Learn and Share More!

Kindle success

Now we’ve created a blog to document our journey to creating and running freedom based businesses. Our goal is also to share the things we learn to help you in your journey as well. Thank you for reading our story of how we reached $5000/month with self-publishing. Have a great day!

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  1. Very inspirational. Earning money in a way that you love or are happy about is awesome and this is the goal I’m working towards. It’s great to know that it is possible!

    • Thank you Yandra for commenting! Yes, it is awesome, good luck on your journey. We’re happy that you found the blog post inspiring.