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On this page, you’ll find some resources that we use and recommend. We enjoy buying courses and software’s that can help us to reach our goals so this list will probably become longer as time goes on.


We use Bluehost for the hosting of this blog. They are inexpensive and we really think that it’s an easy blog to set up. If you want to know how to set up a blog with Bluehost just click here.

K-Money Mastery

The only course that we’ve gone through so far on Self-publishing.


We use this software to help us automate and speed up the processes in our publishing business. Great tool for saving money and time.

Long Tail Pro

Great tool for keyword research on Google and the other search engines.


Helps us to automate our email marketing.


Great for creating good looking opt-in pages to collect email addresses.


For creating covers.


We use them to get a U.S bank account.

A great website for finding freelancers that offer their services for as low as $5. For example, we buy covers from

Another phenomenal website for finding and hiring freelancers. We hire our writers and editor from UpWork.