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In this blog post, you’ll discover what I believe to be the pros and cons of publishing in either fiction or non-fiction. Let me begin by pointing out that we’ve only published books on non-fiction so far. However, we might start to publish in fiction for the reasons that I will cover in this blog post.

The Reader of Non-Fiction Books

I belong to this category since I like reading books that give valuable information and ideas. That’s probably why most people buy non-fiction books. They want to learn something from the book that can help them in their daily life or career. They might be looking for a solution to a particular problem. Non-fiction books could be books on engineering, law, weight loss, sport, etc. Okay, so now that we know what the reader of non-fiction books is looking for, let’s go over the pros and cons of publishing non-fiction books.

What I Believe to Be the Upside of Publishing in Non-Fiction

  • We’ve discovered that non-fiction books sell very well as paperback books.
  • If you have a back end built up, you could make money through affiliate marketing by offering them specific products that can give more solutions to the problem that they’re trying to solve.
  • You’ll get a lot of paid sales on Kindle.

What I think is The Downside of Publishing in Non-Fiction

  • A lot of the people that you get on your email list might not be interested in more than 1-3 books about that particular subject. For example, let’s say you’re selling a book that teaches the reader how to work with a specific software. Well, then the reader might just have been looking at that solution and not other books in that niche. I hope you understand what I mean, and I’ll go over this more in the pros in fiction so you can see the difference more clearly.

The Reader of Fiction Books

The reader of fiction books is most likely not looking for something to learn. They are not searching for a solution to a particular problem. They want entertainment and perhaps somewhat of an escape from the real world. Romance and mystery are two examples of massive fiction markets. Let’s go over what I think is the pros and cons of publishing in fiction.

What I Believe to Be the Upside of Publishing In Fiction

  • As stated above, the reader of fiction is not looking for a solution to one problem. That means that they probably could buy hundreds of books in the same niche. For example, think of TV Series. People watch it for entertainment, and they can watch up to 20 seasons without getting bored. If you’re publishing in romance, for example, you could build a relationship with the readers through your email list. They might be excited to buy every new book that you release as long as it’s entertaining to them.
  • I could be wrong, but I think that there is more potential to earn big money in fiction than in non-fiction. For example, you’re tapping into an enormous market if you’re publishing books in romance.

What I Believe to Be the Downside of Publishing In Fiction

  • Since the reader likes to buy a lot of books, I think the majority have enrolled in the Kindle unlimited program. If they are in this program, it means that they can borrow ebooks which mean that you would get paid less as oppose to if it were to be a paid sale.
  • There are fewer people buying fiction books in paperback form from small publishers. I think that the reader is aware of the fact that a good story is hard to find. Well, in non-fiction, there are only so many solutions to their problem. They know that they are most likely buying the same information/solution to their problem no matter what book they buy. The information is just presented in a different way. Please understand that I’m generalizing, this is of course not always the case.
  • It could be harder to find things to promote as an affiliate to your list. You could, of course, send traffic to your books on Amazon through an affiliate link and earn a commission for everything they buy within 24 hours. So to be clear, you could still make good money as an affiliate in fiction.

Don’t Dabble

Hopefully, this blog post gave you some clarity on the ups and downs of publishing in either fiction or non-fiction. Again, we publish books in non-fiction right now, but we might try fiction later. One word of advice that I can give you is to stick to one of the two. Both non-fiction and fiction work, so there’s no need to dabble with them. Master one or at least try it long enough (10+ books) before you try the other one.

“Niche and Keyword Research Is Not That Important”

I believe that niche and keyword research is just as important in both non-fiction and fiction. I want you to keep a couple of things in mind if you were to hear that keyword/niche research is not “that important”:

  1. It’s a difference between getting your message out and making lots of money. You have to decide which one you want first. I’m not saying that you can’t make money by getting your message across. But if the message is not something that a lot of people want, don’t write or publish and expect to make lots of money on your books.
  2. Okay, yes you could argue that you still could make lots money without keyword and niche research. But what are the odds of succeeding unless you have a big following or a big publishing company behind you?
  3. I remember being in Paris a warm summer day near the Eifel tower. I got harassed by people wanting to sell watches. They followed me for at least 500 meters, and I got very uncomfortable. When I was alone again, I sat down to rest. Then all of a sudden, a guy comes up to me and asks if I want a bottle of water. I replied, sure, what does it cost? That guy knew the market and did not have to spend much effort in promoting or selling his product. I rather serve and give the people what they want instead of shoving my message down someone’s throat.


Harsh words? Perhaps, but I’m writing from my experiences of failure and success. We focused on serving the market to reach our $5000 per month with self-publishing that you can read about here. Feel free to comment down below to give me your thoughts on this!

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