10 Influential People And A Condensed Version Of Their Message

1. Gary Vaynerchuck: Social Media and Building A Business Around Your Passion

Gary’s message revolves around social media and monetizing your passion.

Social media has not only changed the way people “hang out”—but it has also changed how people are doing business. Word of mouth is spreading super fast through social media. It can be likened to when people were doing business hundreds of years ago­—in small villages. People’s reputation was key—like it is today.

Transparency, authenticity, passion, self-awareness and some form of expertise—that’s the formula for success. People are doing business with people, and the bullshit radar is higher than ever. Never promote a product that you can’t stand behind. Always think of the big picture—your legacy.

Furthermore, with self-awareness; what is your:

  • Medium (video, written word, audio)
  • Role (entrepreneur, creator, manager, etc.)
  • Passion
  • Skillset

You can Crush It doing blogging, vlogging or podcasting. It all comes down to knowing yourself—what do you enjoy and what are you good at?

Here are three books from Gary Vaynerchuck:

2. Grant Cardone: 10x Your Vision, Goals, and Actions

10x your thinking! Stop being average. You’re depressed because you’re thinking and acting to small! This is the message you’ll get from Grant if you follow him. He runs a big sales force and is known for his success with sales.

His core message revolves around levelling up your game. In sales, this would mean: don’t put the phone down—instead make new calls. His sales force have their computer screens turned off to avoid distractions.

His message also revolves around social media—you need to get attention. Where eyeballs go—money follow. Don’t compete; dominate.

Here are three books from Grant Cardone:

3. Tim Ferriss: Work Smart and Join the New Rich

Outsource and automate as much as possible. Less is more so find the 20% that will give 80% of the results (80/20 rule). Technology and virtual assistants can enable you to reduce the amount of time you HAVE to work.

Join the new rich and become location independent. Time is worth more than money and if you’re smart—you’ll get more with less money. $3 is the U.S might get you a coffee while it can buy you food for an entire day in the Philippines.

Here are three books from Tim:

4. Tony Robbins: Get into a Peak State and Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

Get into a peak state; this will enable you to influence. Make a real decision to live your dream. Remember that people achieve their must—not their should. Therefore, burn the boats to create a sense of urgency. Pain is a better motivator than pleasure.

Model success by finding out what works for others—don’t reinvent the wheel. Set goals and if they don’t inspire you; create better ones.

Here are three books by Tony Robbins:

5. Brian Tracy: Successful People do what they have to do—No Matter their Feelings

Create a list of 10 goals and prioritize them. Set a date for each goal to give your subconscious mind clear instructions. Then decide; which one goal would have the biggest impact on your life? After that—write down 20 ideas on how to achieve them. Force yourself to come up with 20 different answers.

Make a list of actions you need to take and do the hardest, most impactful thing first—before you take on the smaller tasks. Successful people are self-disciplined—therefore, do what you have to do when you need to do it—whether you feel like it or not.

Here are three books from Brian Tracy:

6. Robert Kiyosaki: The Rich Don’t Work for Money and Savers are Losers

Leverage the bank’s money to create positive cash flow. Rich people make money work for them. Learn about taxes—otherwise it will be your biggest expense. The way the governments are printing money—you’ll lose if you’re only saving.

Pay yourself first—meaning; invest in either yourself or something that can bring passive income. Self-education is better than formal education. Be an investor or business owner. Self-employment and employment should not be your ultimate goal if you want to be rich.

Here are three books from Robert Kiyosaki:

7. Ayn Rand: Be Independent and Make Decisions Based on Reason

Think for yourself—don’t be a second hander. Just because something is dogma—doesn’t mean it’s right. Use your rational mind and make your decision based on reason and Not emotion. Don’t feel guilty because your actions are based on self-interest. Don’t expect that someone will sacrifice something for you. Respect other; their rights and independence but don’t bend blindly to their will.

Pure capitalism and a limited government is the way to get a prosperous society. Honor achievement and dismiss envy. Be a producer and don’t consume more that what you have produced. Study philosophy; it will give you clarity—if you study the right one.

Here are three books from Ayn Rand:

8. Eckhart Tolle: Become Aware of The Ego and The Pain body

Separate your thoughts and feelings from who you are. You’re the one aware of the thoughts and feelings. The ego will always tell you that you lack something; it craves for completion. Paradoxically the ego will never find it. If you follow the ego, your happiness is always in the future.

Live in the now—appreciate it and don’t judge it. Suffering is created when you wish that things were different. Instead, accept what is and become aware of your thoughts, surroundings and the sensations in your body.

Here are three books from Eckhart Tolle:

9. Robin Sharma: Face Your Fears and Have a Positive Mindset

Face your fear fast—behind them is the person you want to be. You do not have to have a title to be a leader. Meditate and reflect on your day. Paint a vision of how you want your ideal life to be.

Get up early and be grateful for life. Don’t let your mind rule you—instead become the master of it. Be present in the moment but practice self-discipline. Use affirmations and adopt a positive mindset.

Here are three books from Robin Sharma:

10. Robert Greene: Mastery over Money

Strive for mastery—not money. Look back at when you were younger—can you see any patterns of things you enjoyed and were good at? This will give you a hint of your purpose and which career to pursue. Your DNA and the way your brain is configured is unique.

Never rely on favours and guilt—instead; appeal to people’s self-interest. Social intelligence is necessary because without it—you’ll misread people. Use mentors but don’t let them hold you back. Therefore, choose them with care. Never outshine the master unless you want to make him or her insecure—which probably isn’t the best idea—unless; you’re ready to become the master.

Here are three books from Robert Greene:

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