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In this course, I’ll take you by the hand and show you exactly how to create an email list and also how to send out automated emails by using the best email marketing service out there: AWeber.

Here is What You’ll Learn In This Course

  • How To Create An Email List
  • The Basics of Building An Email List
  • Why AWeber Is The Best Email Marketing Service On The Market
  • How To Create An Email List and Sign Up Form With AWeber
  • Ways Of Creating a Giveaway That Your Visitors Will Love
  • How To Create An Awesome Squeeze page/Landing page With LeadPages
  • Technical things like Integrating your LeadPages account with your AWeber account
  • Getting Your Landing Page/Squeeze Page Published (On Your Domain If You Choose)
  • How To Create a Leadbox That You Can Place Somewhere On Your Website
  • Ways Of Making Sure that Everything Works Correctly (How To Test)
  • How To Automate Your Emails
  • How To Promote your Squeeze Page and Leadbox and Get Thousands of Emails

    Requirements to complete this course:

#1. AWeber

Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications

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#2. LeadPages (Landing Page Software)

Leadpages logo

==>Sign Up With LeadPages Here<==

#3. A free giveaway

We’ll go over how to create a free giveaway in the course.


Let’s Begin the Course!

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The Basics Of Building An Email List

The best way to build an email list is to give away something of high perceived value for free. To see an example of this, look at our header image as well as our squeeze page. Here are three examples of high perceived giveaways:

  • Video series
  • Ebook
  • Free report

Now you might be wondering—how do I set all this up? Well, that’s what I’ll show you in this course.

Why AWeber Is The Best Email Marketing Service on The Market

Some people want a free email marketing service or a cheaper one than AWeber. But I will explain why AWeber is the best email marketing service on the market—AND why I encourage you to do thorough research before you consider another email marketing service:

  • It’s no fun to use a software that sends the majority of your automated emails to spam folders. AWeber has a solid relationship with email providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and Gmail—so AWeber has the best deliverability.
  • AWeber is affiliate marketing friendly. That’s a HUGE deal. Even if you don’t want to use affiliate links now, you might want to use it in the future. If you read MailChimp’s terms of service, for example, you’ll find that affiliate marketing is prohibited. So make sure you do research before you choose another service than AWeber.
  • AWeber is very easy to use and understand.

So, the first step to building an email list is to sign up for AWeber. If you want free options or cheaper options, this course is not for you. We can’t recommend an email marketing service that we don’t use ourselves.

==> Sign Up With AWeber Through This Link and Get A 30-Day Free Trial<==

Part 1: How To Create An Email List And Sign Up Form With AWeber

Step 1: Create the list

Log into your AWeber account and go to the homepage if you aren’t already. After that scroll down until you see the green button that says “Create A New List.”

How to create an email list

Scroll down to find the green button.

Email marketing

After that, go through the steps that they want you to go through. Don’t be a perfectionist now; you can always change the information later. Here is what they want you to fill in:

  • Your company name (use your own name if applicable).
  • Website (optional)
  • An address
  • The sender name and email

After that click “Next Step” and fill in:

  • The name that you want on your list
  • A short description, for example, “Weight loss tips.”

Click next step, and you can customize the first message that your email subscribers will get. It’s a confirmation mail where they must click on a link before they get added to your list. Press the green “Approve & Create List” button.

Step 2: Create A Sign-Up Form

Click on “Sign Up Forms.”


The only reason that we create a sign-up form is to have something that we can integrate with LeadPages. The sign-up form is not visible when you use something like LeadPages, so don’t care about the look if you want to follow this guide to 100%. However, you must decide whether or not you want your subscribers to be required to enter both their name and email address.

If you want to delete the name requirement for the potential subscriber, press the exit button.

Best email marketing service

Next, click on save your form and “Go to step 2.” Give your web form a name and save it.

Done. That’s all you need to do for now!

I’ll cover how to automate your emails and how to use AWeber later in this course. But first, let’s cover how to get the email addresses through what’s called a squeeze page. Your squeeze page can easily be integrated with AWeber so that the email addresses will automatically be added to your list.

Part 2: Creating A Giveaway, Squeeze Page, and Leadbox

Later in part 2 of this course, we’ll cover how you can create a giveaway to attract subscribers. The giveaway will be automatically sent to the subscriber once they’ve entered their email address. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry; I’ll show you exactly how to set everything up.

Example of a Squeeze page/Landing Page

A squeeze page is a landing page (separate page) that has the sole purpose of capturing email addresses. Here is an example of one of our squeeze pages for FreedomBasedBusinesses:


You can visit this opt-in by clicking here or by going to

Here is what happens when they click the red button that says “Click here for Free Instant Access.”

Email list building

This is just one of many of our squeeze pages. We use LeadPages to create these squeeze pages, but there are other options out there as well such as Optimize Press. We use and therefore recommend that you pick LeadPages for creating these pages. LeadPages are easy to integrate with AWeber, and you can easily integrate it with your blog domain, or you can host it via

Leadpages also has many different templates to use from, so it’s very easy to create a squeeze page.

==>Click Here To Sign Up With LeadPages<==

list building leadpages

Example Of A Leadbox and Sign Up Form

You can also create something called “LeadBoxes” by using LeadPages. A LeadBox is a sign-up form that you can place in different locations on your blog. We have a LeadBox in our header as well as on the right side of our blog.


A picture of our blog. The header image is a LeadBox opt-in.

blog right widget

If they click on the “send me the ebook”; an opportunity to enter their email address appears.

leadbox leadpages

You can also place a LeadBox in your footer as well as in your content if you want.

Now I will mention that you can create sign up forms with AWeber which are similar to LeadBoxes. So if you just want a simple “sign up here” that you can place on your blog, then AWeber will be enough. However, we use LeadPages, and that’s what we recommend if you want to see optimal results, and if you want to create a landing page.

Sign up form AWeber

Here is an example of a sign-up form from AWeber that you can place on your blog.

How To Create Your Free Giveaway

As we’ve stated before, the free giveaway is what your subscribers will get in exchange for giving you their email address.

Now, this part is something that I can’t help you with by giving you a step by step formula. Only you know what a high perceived giveaway in your niche. Here are some examples:

  • If you’re in the fitness niche, you may give away an ebook that that shows people how to lose weight or gain muscle.
  • The frugal niche may want a spreadsheet or a budget plan.
  • People with businesses may want a proven formula in the form of a video course on how to increase traffic by 300%.

My recommendation is that you look on other websites that are in your niche. What do they give away? Also, what big problems do your market have that you can solve with your giveaway?

Now, my recommendation is that you create your giveaway yourself. However, it’s not required since you can buy PLR products. PLR stands for Private labeling rights. So you can buy the rights to give away or even in some cases, sell products that other people have created.

Here are two examples of sites where you can buy PLR products:

You can also do a google search to find more PLR products that you can buy. It usually costs between $5-20 to buy a PLR product. You’ll get a nice cover image that you use for your giveaway as well.

Now, if you, on the other hand, has created a giveaway yourself. Let’s say you’ve written an Ebook. Well, then you can simply turn it into a PDF format and buy or create a cover for that ebook. We use Fiverr and sometimes Myecovermaker to create our covers.

You can search on Fiverr for “ebook covers” and sort by the highest rating. You can buy a cover for as low as $5.

If you want to give away a video course, simply upload your video to Youtube and save it as “unlisted” instead of “public” or “private.” That way your Youtube subscribers or other people on Youtube won’t find it unless they opt-in on your email list. Embed the video on a page on your blog then save the URL link to that page (You’ll send your new subscribers to that URL link to access your free giveaway).

How To Create A Squeeze Page/Landing Page With LeadPages

Now, if you chose to use another landing page software, I believe that the process will be similar to this but of course, it’s going to be easiest to follow along if you use LeadPages. I will mention that AWeber and LeadPages have good support as well as articles that can help you. So, if you at any point get stuck, just search for their articles or contact their support. But you should make it if you just follow along with this step by step guide.

==>Sign Up With LeadPages Here If You Haven’t Already<==

Step 1: Integrate Your LeadPages Account With Your AWeber Account

To do this, log into you LeadPages account and follow the arrows on this picture.

Integration Leadpages AWeber

Click on connect, enter your AWeber credentials and click “allow access.”

Step 2: Click on Templates and Choose Which Template You Want For Your Landing Page

templates leadpages

I chose “Basic Squeeze Page.”

After you’ve clicked on “use template,” you’ll want to name your page before you can continue.

free course

Step 3: Customize your Squeeze Page and Integrate It With The List That You Created With AWeber

Now, to show you every single step in detail, it’s going to require 10+ pictures for just this step. Therefore, I’ll only point to the different places where you can customize the page. To see how I build the page from start to finish, watch the video.

First, let’s change the picture. To do this, I simply have to click on the orange book and the image icon.

email distribution list

Make sure that you upload a picture/cover with a transparent background if you want to keep the background from the template! If you for whatever reason don’t have a transparent cover or picture, change the background to white by uploading a white image as a background on the landing page template.

Change the text by clicking on it.

After that, let’s change what pops up after they have clicked on “Click here for free instant access” (or whatever else you’ve named your call to action.)

Opt in page

Now, you should see this on your left side:

AWeber and Leadpages

Choose the list that you’ve created with AWeber after you’ve clicked on the AWeber icon (you may have to add AWeber first by either clicking “+ more services” or “add integration.”)

Build an email list

Click save once you’ve selected the list.

Continue to customize the landing page until you feel that it looks good. Here are a few tips to add in your text:

  • Add a benefit (For example, learn how to lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks).
  • Be specific.
  • Have a clear call to action.

Create urgency (for example, write limited time bonus.)

Step 4: Publish Your Landing Page

You can publish the squeeze page by clicking on the publish button on the upper right corner. You should see a button that says “publishing options.” If you click on that you can choose whether or not you want the page hosted on your domain (blog).

Wordpress plug-in

Download the plugin for WordPress and install it if you want to host the landing page on your blog. If you want to host it on LeadPages; make sure to save the URL link. You’re going to want to send people to the URL link where your landing page exist.

For WordPress users: Once you’ve installed the plug-in for WordPress, click add new.

email opt in

After that, choose the landing page that you’ve created and write a custom URL for the page.

Publish email list

Step 5: Testing

Now this part is optional. You’re going to want to test again after we’ve set up some things on AWeber. But you can see if you get the first “Confirm your subscription” email by opting into your landing page. Simply enter your email address and check your inbox.

If it doesn’t work, go back to step 3 and make sure that it’s correctly integrated with AWeber.

How To Create A Leadbox

As we’ve stated before, a Leadbox can be added to different places on your blog. The process of setting up a LeadBox is not much different than how to create a landing page.

Step 1: Log into Your Leadpages Account, Click on “Leadboxes” on the Menu and Click “Create New Leadbox.”

Create leadbox

Step 2: Customize Your Leadbox and Integrate it With Your AWeber list

Leadbox integration

Step 3: Decide How You Want To Publish Your Leadbox

We decided to choose an image as a link type. We ordered the header image from Fiverr and put out a job posting on UpWork that searched for a web developer to help us to place the header image and integrate it properly with AWeber. Total cost for our header opt-in was $35 (we paid the designer on Fiverr $15 and the web developer $20). However, I’m sure you can get it cheaper than that or for free if you figure it out yourself.

But for the right widget area (look on the picture above to see opt-in on the right side), we simply added a “Send me the ebook” text to the picture by using paint. So that did not cost us anything.

Leadpages wordpress

As you can read on point number 3, simply copy the HTML code and paste it to where you want it to appear. We copy and pasted it to our right widget area. To do this, log in to your WordPress account, and go to your website and click customize. Then click “add widget” and then “add text” and paste the code.

Part 3: Adding Your Giveaway to The First Email In Your Legacy Follow Up Series and Getting Comfortable With AWeber

Now it’s time to log into AWeber again. Click on messages and go to legacy follow up messages.

AWeber Legacy Follow Up

After that, click on the green button that says “Create New Message” and choose “drag & drop email.”

Send mass email

Customize your email the way you want and remember to add your free giveaway (attach PDF or link to your giveaway). Click the blue button that says “Preview & Test” once you’re done. Enter your email and click “Send Test.” If it looks good, click “Save & Exit,” otherwise go back and customize it even further.

After that, click on “Send Options” and choose “Add to Follow Up Series.”

list builder

Schedule the email so that the subscriber will get the #1 email immediately after signing up.

That’s it!

Now you can add as many follow up email as you like. You could create 20 emails that will automatically be sent out to your subscribers in a specific order. By choosing “Schedule a broadcast” you can send out an email to your list right now if you want.

I recommend that you test that everything works by signing up on your landing page once more. Make sure that the subscriber actually receives the giveaway once they’ve opted in. Other than that, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with both AWeber and LeadPages by looking around on their website and seeing all the features that they got.

Now, if you at any point get stuck, just send an email to AWeber or LeadPages. It may seem overwhelming in the beginning, but after a while, you’ll learn how to create a squeeze page and set all this up in a matter of minutes.

We are very lucky that we don’t have to use HTML and all that stuff anymore. A couple of years ago it was not this easy to set up a landing page and create an email list.

Take your time—be patient and improve this process as time goes on. You can track things very accurately with both AWeber and LeadPages. You can see the conversion rate on your landing page as well as the open rate and click through rate on your emails.

How To Promote Your Squeeze Page And Leadbox and Get Thousands Of Emails

Obviously, you’re going to need a lot of traffic to build your email list. Now, this is not a traffic course, but we can give you the other part which is how and where to promote your squeeze page. Some people will sign into your opt-in if you have it available on your blog in different places. Here are a few places that we promote our opt-in on our blog:

  • In the header
  • We put it in the content sometimes
  • In the sidebar
  • It says “Free Ebook” on our menu bar

Here are a few ways to promote your squeeze page even further to get more emails:

  • Link to it on social media (have it on Facebook, Linkedin, in the description of your Youtube video, on your Pinterest profile).
  • Add it as a bonus in a Kindle book (an excellent strategy that has gotten us hundreds of email addresses).
  • Mention it at the end of your Youtube video and in related conversations on social media.
  • Pay for traffic, for example, use Facebook ads that funnel people to your squeeze page.
  • Put a link to it on your signature while commenting on related forums.
  • Use something like Opt-In Monster that takes over the screen once your visitors enter your website (use with caution since it may scare away some people).
  • Write guest posts on other people’s blogs.

Congratulations! You have now completed the course on How To Create an Email List With The Best Email Marketing Service

If you got any questions to us, leave a comment below, and we’ll be happy to answer any question that you might have. Also, please share this course with anyone that you think will benefit from it!

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