How To Create A Blog With Bluehost And WordPress (A Free Step By Step Guide)

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In this blog post, you’ll discover how to create a blog with Bluehost and WordPress. The first thing you need to create a blog is a domain name and hosting. The hosting is what allows you to store you blog on the internet. I recommend that you start with Bluehost, just because they offer a great deal, and it’s also what we use for our blog.

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As of this moment, when I’m writing this guide, Bluehost offer hosting plans for as low as $3.95/month. Bluehost is also known for having a very professional customer support team. Their customer focus is helpful if you at any point would get stuck. But hopefully, it will all run smoothly with the help of this guide.

Another thing is that is great is that when you use Bluehost to create your blog, you’ll receive a free domain name. Domain names typically cost around $10 or more per year. The fact that they have free “site Builders” and a “1-Click WordPress” install is also going to benefit you, just because it makes it very fast and straightforward to create the blog. Right now, Bluehost also offers a 30-day money back guarantee which makes the purchase risk-free since you can ask for a refund. Alright, let’s go over how to create a blog with Bluehost and WordPress.

Step 1: Setting up Bluehost and logging in

Go to this page and click on “get started now” to select which plan you want.

Bluehost plan

Choose the basic plan if you just want to set up one website. The Plus plan allows you to set up multiple websites and can also be useful if you have a big site. You’re authorized to have five different email addresses connected to your domain name if you choose the basic plan. So for example, we could have one called and four other named, for instance:


Your blog/brand will appear to be more professional if you have your brand name as an email address instead of a Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo mail.

The next step is writing the domain name that you want in the right box called “new domain.” If you already have a domain name, just put that into the right box called “I have a domain name.”

Set up blog

Click next after you’ve written your domain name.

The third step is to fill in your account information, package information, and payment information.

Account settings

I guess you don’t need guidance with how to write in the account and payment information. However, let me offer you some insights on the package information. First of all, you can choose between different accounts plans and fees, depending on how long you sign up. The prices are affordable compared to a couple of years ago when you typically had to pay a lot of money to get a website running.

After you’ve chosen your domain name, it’s time to decide whether or not you want domain privacy protection. We chose it but, it’s not necessary if you want to save money. You can click on more information below the price if you want to know the meaning. We left the rest of the boxes unchecked just because there are plug-ins and other ways to back things up.

Make the payment to complete the hosting and domain name setup. Let’s continue with step number two in the “how to create a blog with Bluehost and WordPress” guide.

Step 2: Installing WordPress and logging in

Log into Bluehost with your account information and click on hosting/home (the chances are that you’re already on that page).


Scroll down to “website” and click on “Install WordPress”.

Blog creation

Click install under “Do it yourself”:

Do it yourself

Write the name and click “Check domain:”

Domain name

You need to check the box to click install now:



After that, you need to wait a while.

installing wordpress

You will be able to access the WordPress admin login as soon as it’s done installing. Click on the “admin login” button or go to your domain name and write /wp-admin at the end. For example: HTTP://[yourdomainname].com/wp-admin . Keep in mind that the linking of hosting and domain name might take a while. So depending on how fast this happens for you, at least be prepared to wait 20-30 minutes. For us, the linking happened instantly.

How to create a blog

You should now have received some emails from WordPress. Perhaps you need to active your account. If you for whatever reason can’t find the password, just click on “lost your password” on the login page to reset it. Write your username or email and your password and click “log in.” You now know the basics of how to create a blog.

Step 3: The basic changes we do on settings

Okay, so let’s go over some basic settings in WordPress. I’ll describe the basic settings that we use and also recommend, primarily because of search engine optimization. Click on “setting”:

Wordpress setting

Write your site title (perhaps your brand/domain name). The site title is what’s going to show up on your homepage on your blog. Write a tagline if you want and make sure that the WordPress address (URL) and Site Adress (URL) are correct. It should be your domain name, so for example http://www.[yourdomainname].com

Furthermore, fill in your email address and scroll down. Make sure the settings look correct.

Turn off the MOJO coming soon and press “save changes”.

Mojo coming soon

Next, click on permalinks under settings and change the common settings to post name. (We use post name, primarily because it’s hard to remember the plain URL and it’s also useful for SEO purposes.

Wordpress links

Okay, so that was the changes in settings that we do. You can now visit your blog by going writing your URL (http://www.[writeyourdomainnamehere].com).

Step 4: Familiarizing yourself with WordPress

Okay, so that’s it. We’ve now covered how to create a blog with Bluehost and WordPress. If I were you, I would spend some time to familiarize myself with the different components of the blog.

Let’s go over some basic stuff. You can choose between the various themes of the blog and customize it here:

wordpress look

You can add or remove pages here:

Pages wordpress

Click on “Posts” if you want to create a blog post. You can put the different blog posts in categories as well.

blog posts

Thank you for Reading “How To Create A Blog With Bluehost and WordPress.”

I hope this blog post was helpful and that you now know how to create a blog. What did you think of the blog post? Was it helpful to you? Comments are very welcomed and appreciated! Thank you very much for reading, and I wish you a beautiful day!


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