AWeber Review: What Is AWeber Communications and Why Did We Choose Them For Email Marketing?

In this blog post, you’ll get our thoughts on AWeber Communications as an email marketing and autoresponder tool. For us, AWeber was the obvious choice, and I’ll explain why in a moment. Let’s begin the AWeber review by first answering the question: What is AWeber?

AWeber review

What Is AWeber Communications?

AWeber is a tool that will help you to automate your email marketing by creating an autoresponder. An autoresponder is a tool that can help you to send out emails on a specific time or date. You can also create a follow-up series that will send out specific emails to a new subscriber. For example, they start with one particular email, and then you can plan 20 other emails that will be sent out automatically in a specific order.  We use them in our publishing business for sending out emails to some of our new subscribers every 2-3 days. You can also send out broadcast emails if you want to send out an urgent message to your subscribers. AWeber is a great tool for managing your subscribers, creating nice looking emails with HTML, tracking, and creating sign up forms. They have a lot of other cool features as well, but these are the main ones that we use.

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Why We Chose AWeber

There were a few reasons to why we chose AWeber instead of another email marketing and autoresponder tool. One reason was that it felt like their platform was easy to understand. We’re not super tech savvy, and therefore we like it when everything is straightforward. But there was another, more important reason that we realized after researching on these types of services. That was the fact that a lot of people wrote that AWeber has very powerful tracking and email management features compared to their competitors. Tracking is a crucial part of optimizing the profits and that was the thing that made us make the final decision to go with AWeber.

AWeber also has phone support which not every email marketing and autoresponder tool provider offers.  Being able to reach someone on the phone can feel comforting since email is a crucial part of many of businesses.

AWeber Communications Is A Trusted Company

It’s important that you can trust your email provider. I’ve read horror stories of people being signed up with other companies than AWeber that had their account shut down overnight. Since they couldn’t contact anyone by phone, they just got an impersonal email back saying that they wouldn’t reopen their account. So phone support is a great benefit with AWeber. You can also export all emails to a CVS file and save it if you like. AWeber has been around for over 15 years so you can be sure that they know what they’re doing.

Right Now They Offer A 30-Day Free Trial

As of this moment, Aweber offers a 30-Day free trial which is a good if you would like to test them out. After that, they have different price plans depending on how many subscribers you have. It starts with $19/month for 500 subscribers. Here is the current price plan:

AWeber review

=> Click here to access the 30-Day Trial With AWeber <=

As you can see, they have many different features. Segmenting your list is an important part that we use in our publishing business. For example, we don’t want to send a person that has read golf book tips on how to do SEO. It would be a miss match, so segmenting is important.


We use Leadpages to create our email opt-in pages. They are easy to integrate with AWeber. Right now, over 100 different websites and services are available for integration with AWeber. These include promotion software, analytics software, membership/podcast software, SMS, Landing page software, Shopping Cart software, etc. So I’m pretty confident that you’ll get your needs met when it comes to integration.

Any Cons?

As you can tell from this AWeber review, we’re very pleased with this email marketing tool. But this wouldn’t be a fair review unless I gave you some possible cons of the software. Personally, I have none to add, but I’ve done some research on what other people are missing. Please understand that this could have been updated. So AWeber might have fixed this after these blog posts and comments were published:

  • No Free Plans.
  • It might not be possible to import from third-party address books like Gmail etc.
  • It can take a while to import.

These cons do not affect us. But now you know what you might have to do more research on if this were to affect you.

Making Sure That The Email Reach The Inbox

Last but not least, I want to cover one more thing in this AWeber review. That is the spam score that they provide. For each email you send, you can see the spam score. They give you a scale of what’s good and bad. If the email scores high on spam, then it might not reach the subscriber’s inbox. I’ve seen that some affiliate links have caused the spam score to be high. So seeing the spam score can be a great tool since you can easily adjust it by changing the content in the email. I believe that the spam score will be higher if you send emails too often.

AWeber review

AWeber prides themselves on being the industry leading in deliverability to inboxes. In the end, you don’t want to spend time sending emails that the subscriber never gets.

I Hope This Aweber Review Helped You With Making A Decision

Again, we only have positive experiences with AWeber so far. As stated before, the platform is easy to understand which is paramount for us. Time is money, and therefore we don’t want to spend weeks trying to understand a new system. If you for whatever reason get stuck, then you can just call their support team. Thank you for reading the AWeber review, and hopefully, this helped you with making a decision. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. Perhaps there is something more that you want me to cover regarding AWeber.

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