Amazon Ebook Publishing: Is It Too Crowded To Make Money?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss whether or not Amazon ebook publishing still is an excellent opportunity. We’ll go over the topic of competition regarding the Kindle marketplace and give you our thoughts on it. Amazon ebook publishing is not too crowded in our opinion even though there are a lot of people who have gone into Kindle publishing. Now, that does not mean that it’s not a lot of competition. However, there is more than enough room for your books to succeed in the marketplace. You just have to make sure that you take some extra time to analyse the keyword that you’re thinking about publishing in.

Our Thoughts on Competition Regarding Amazon Ebook Publishing

As stated before, there is competition in the Kindle marketplace. And yes, of course, that’s going to affect the sale of the book because the keyword is going to have a limited amount of traffic every day. Therefore, we always analyse the competition before we get into a new keyword.

For example, if ten books are being published under that keyword every week, then we would avoid it because it’s a big chance that our book will get a very low rank.

It’s important to rank highly in the search results for that keyword if you want your book to make a lot of money. So, try to find a keyword where there is not a big amount of people publishing. That does not mean that you should try to find a keyword with no competition. Finding a profitable keyword with no competition is probably not going happen.

Is Competition Good or Bad when doing Amazon Ebook Publishing?

Believe it or not, competition is more often a good thing than a bad thing. Let me explain, a lot of competition typically means that there are a lot of people making money in that market. If there were no competition, we would have a hard time finding out whether or not there’s a market there. We get excited when we see a competing book selling like this:

Amazon Ebook Publishing

The reason that we get excited is that we know that there are a lot of potential in that market. We understand that if we can publish a better book, we can make just as much money if not more than that book. Now, we might have to work a little bit harder with the promotion of the book. If the book with a sales rank of 4,424 has 30 reviews and our book only has 5, then the majority of the customers might still choose the first book. So understand that there could be some more work involved, but it’s worth it as oppose to going after a keyword with little traffic and weak competition. We recognized this early on when we had one book that produced more money than five of our other books did together.

What we Believe has Changed

A couple of years ago, the competition in the Kindle marketplace where a lot lower. That meant that the people could publish a lot of books and not put as much effort into each book. They could get away with publishing a low-quality book with very few reviews and still get a lot of sales. In my opinion, that has changed. Because the competition has gone up, the standard has gone up as well. So there needs to be more focus on quality. Therefore, I think that you should concentrate more on having a few quality books than having a lot of low-quality books.

Now, keep in mind that it does not mean that you can’t focus on quantity. You can concentrate on that as long as you’re not compromising the quality. So, our opinion is that if you want to be successful in 2016, you should focus on quality over quantity. Put more effort into every book that you publish. That means better keyword research, better cover, better content, and better promotion.

Should I Promote my Book outside of Amazon?

The answer to this question is that it depends on if you have a big following or not. I’ve stated before that keyword research is the 20% of your actions that is going to give 80% of the result. Unless Amazon changes some algorithm, I think you should focus more on finding superb keywords.

If you find great keywords, you don’t have to focus as much on promotion outside of Amazon. Do we promote outside of Amazon? Yes, we sometimes do. We have built up a big following on Tumblr, and Pinterest for example. However, we still think that more than 80% of the purchases come from Amazons website. Sometimes we promote our books to our email list and on Reddit as well. We do see a big increase in sales when we do these promotions. But, it cost time to promote, so that’s something to keep in mind. I will probably do a separate blog post about this topic to go through it more thoroughly. But for now, just remember to make keyword research your primary focus.


The key takeaways from this blog post are:

  • Don’t worry too much about competition, unless there are a huge number of books published every week with that focus keyword.
  • Focus on putting more effort into each book as oppose to releasing a lot of low-quality books.
  • Spend a lot of time on keyword research. Analyze the market by looking at the sales rank of competing books. Also, examine the strength of the competing books.
  • Promotion outside of Amazon works best if you have a large brand. We rather have a superb keyword and no promotion than having a keyword with low-traffic and a lot of promotion outside of Amazon.

Í hope this blog post gave you some clarity on how we think about competition regarding Amazon ebook publishing. Make sure that you publish on all platforms as well. Even though there is a lot of competition on Kindle, there might still be room for your book on CreateSpace and ACX.

Thank you for reading and remember that comments are very welcomed and appreciated.

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