Affiliate Disclosure

Hey, this is Peter and Jenny.

We publish a lot of content on this blog to help you on your journey as a person and entrepreneur. We sometimes recommend resources and products that we believe can be helpful to you. For example, this could be services, software, physical goods or something else that we think could help you to reach your dreams.

The links that we use are/may be “affiliate links”. For example, if you visit the website through the link and purchase something, we may earn a commission for a sale, recurring billings or future sales.

Now, Please note that we only promote products that we’ve gone through ourselves or that we think will be helpful to you. We always make it clear in the blog post if we have gone through the recommended resource or not. As of this moment (17 July 2016), all of our affiliate links on this blog points to products that we have gone through ourselves. Our goal with this blog is that we want you to become a recurring reader and follower. We know that if we promote something that doesn’t help you, that you won’t be back. So, therefore, understand that we do this with respect and integrity.

Please assume that any links that we include in the content to 3rd party vendors are affiliate links.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding affiliate links in our blog posts.

We wish you all the best!

Peter and Jenny