7 Kindle Publishing Mistakes That You Should Try to Avoid


In this blog post, I’m going to share with you seven Kindle publishing mistakes that you should try to avoid. This list can work as a good reminder if you’re a beginner. Now, I will warn you, don’t be too much of a perfectionist. You want to do the best you can in these areas but don’t try to be perfect. Not taking action because you’re trying to be perfect is probably the biggest mistake that you can ever make in Kindle Publishing. Okay, so let’s dive into the seven mistakes.

#1. Publishing A Book In The Wrong Niche With The Wrong Keyword

Publishing in the wrong niche is a common mistake that a lot of Kindle publishers make. You have to master niche and keyword research if you want to be successful. Yes, of course, there are the exceptions, like Harry Potter, Star Wars and so on. And yes, it’s also possible that you can skip the research and get lucky and succeed without having a big brand as well. However, that’s very unlikely, so focus on niche and keyword research if you want more of a proven strategy for success with Kindle publishing. We’re very lucky as publishers because we can see the sales rank of competing books which makes it very easy to access whether or not it’s a good keyword. If I were to choose the most important thing in this list, then it would be researching. So take your time on this step!

#2. Having A Bad Cover 

Publishing a book with a bad cover can affect the sales of the book. People do judge a book by its cover even though they should judge the content. I advise you to think like a consumer. If you see a bad book cover, you’re probably going to assume that the book is bad as well. Spend at least $5 for a book cover on fiverr.com. Don’t try to create a cover by yourself unless you’re a great designer. You can get the $5 back by getting two to three paid sales on Kindle. Personally, we spend $10 for a cover on Fiverr, and that’s what works best for us.

#3. No Reviews On The Book

Reviews work as social proof. If your book has no reviews, then your buyer has to guess, whether or not it’s a good book. If you have other people that have gone through the book and can give some insights on it, then that’s going to make the buyer more secure with his or her purchase.

#4. Not Publishing The Book On CreateSpace and ACX

Not publishing on CreateSpace and ACX is a huge mistake that you want to avoid. It’s so easy to publish on CreateSpace and ACX, and it doesn’t have to cost you more than $5 to do. We make more money by selling paperback books than Kindle books. So make sure to repurpose your content by publishing on CreateSpace and ACX.

#5. Having Spelling Or Grammar Mistakes In The Title

We’ve seen people that have been able to get away with having spelling mistakes or grammar errors in their claims. However, just because they are getting sales doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t earn a lot more money by having correct spelling and grammar. I recommend that you write the title in Grammarly or at least a word document to see any spelling mistakes.

#6. Publishing A Low-Quality Book

If you’re publishing a terrible book, then you’re most likely going to receive some bad reviews. Bad reviews will affect your sales so try to avoid getting them by publishing a quality book. One thing that we noticed, in the beginning, was that the majority of bad reviews were about spelling and grammar mistakes in the book. Our solution to this problem was to hire an editor. If you don’t have money to spend on an editor, then you can at least run it through Grammarly. They have a free version as well as a paid version. We use the paid version, and it’s helping us a lot.

The second thing that some people can complain about is the formatting of the book. Make sure the text is formatted correctly, so it looks professional. Now, even though you get the formatting, spelling and grammar correct, you can still receive bad reviews. That could be because you’re hiring a bad writer. We had to try a lot of different writers and writing companies before we found the perfect team. Now we have a group of writers that produces high-quality books that garner positive reviews from the readers.

#7. Publishing All Over The Place

Okay, so the last mistake that you want to avoid is publishing all over the place. Now, let me point out that you’re probably going to want to try some different niches in the beginning. But when you find a good one, publish more books in that niche. You’ve already proven that it’s a profitable niche, so why go someplace else? Another benefit of publishing in the same niche is that you can create a series of books that you can bundle together. So that’s another way of leveraging the content that you’ve already created.

What Did You Think Of The 7 Kindle Publishing Mistakes To Avoid?

Okay, so these were the seven Kindle publishing mistakes that you should try to avoid if you want to be successful. Again, don’t be a perfectionist when trying to publish a book. Just do the best you can with the knowledge you have. Did you receive any value from this blog post? If so, I would appreciate a comment below. Feel free to share this post as well if you think that anyone can benefit from it. Have a great day!

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