Top 10 Sales Tips For Selling Over The Phone

Selling is about getting the other person to want—what you want them to want—but they must want it themselves. That sentence is the essence of selling. This blog post contains ten sales tips to help you persuade the prospect to buy your product.

The Basics Of Selling

A sale is made when the perceived value is higher than the price. Now, does that mean that the quality has to be the best? No. Furthermore, it does not imply that the product or service has to have the lowest price. Therefore, never forget the word perceived.

When people have basic security, they buy based on what they WANT and Not what they need. Most people purchase based on emotions and perceived value rather than reason.

Let me exemplify. Why would people buy designer clothes? Yes, they might be better looking—but that’s not always the case. Neither does the quality match the price. It’s not that all designer clothes always costs 10x as much to produce as regular clothes.

Another example is smoking. Here is a sales pitch for cigarettes: Decrease your health and increase your chances of dying! Buy a cigarette now and burn up your money! Again, remember that people buy based on what they want and not what they need.

“We are Not The Cheapest—But We are The Best.”

My goal with the section above was to eliminate the trap that a lot of salespeople get into. That trap is to think that customers only care about price and that they will make their decision based on reason. Some customers will, but far from everyone!

Instead of going lower and lower with your price—explain the benefits of choosing your product or service. Adopt the mantra “we are not the cheapest—but we are the best.”

Expect That They Will Have Their Guard Up

People either buy from people that they trust or like. If you’re cold calling as a salesperson—your trust begins at zero. Here are some examples of trust levels:

  • Police – 10 (wouldn’t you go and talk to a person in a police uniform if they wanted you to?)
  • Doctor – 10 (most people will listen to their doctor without questioning).
  • Salesperson – 0 (No one likes to be sold to. Therefore, expect that they will have their guard up).
  • Politicians – 0 (Do you really trust their promises?)

Become Familiar and Get Them To Like You

By knowing the information above—you now know where you begin as a salesperson. You need to increase your level of trust. Now, how do you get them to trust, like and ultimately buy from you? Well, believe in what you’re selling and know your stuff. But I think you already knew that so here are ten tips to help you further with closing the sale:

10 Quick Sales Tips That Are Easy To Apply

  1. Become familiar. Do you have anything in common? If they mention that they’ve just moved their business to a particular city that you happened to grow up in; mention that! Now, of course, you need to be authentic and not become creepy. Your purpose is to talk business. But needless to say—by becoming familiar, you can break the ice.
  2. Talk in their language. If the prospect speaks slowly—you speak slower. If they speak fast—you speak faster.
  3. Take pauses after they’ve spoken. By doing this, it will show the prospect that their spoken word matters. It will seem as if you’re thinking about what they’ve just said.
  4. Ask questions. Get them to talk and reveal useful information. Repeat what they’ve said in other words to show them that you listen and care.
  5. Think of yourself as an advisor, expert, and friend. You’re there to help them, not to sell to them.
  6. Like and become interested in your potential clients and they will like and find you interesting. Most people think that they need to talk about their knowledge and accomplishments to become interesting. But there is one thing that people love to talk about above you, and that’s THEMSELVES and THEIR interests. Always try to demonstrate how they will benefit from your product instead of talking about all the features of it.
  7. Laugh together within 30 seconds. Will a particular “technique” work every time with everyone? No, but that doesn’t matter. Instead of saying “Do you have time to speak to me?” say “Did I wake you up or do you got a minute?” Don’t be afraid of using dry jokes if they work.
  8. Say thank you and show appreciation where you see fit. “You know what Matt, I’ve talked to hundreds of businesspeople the last week, and I must say that I truly enjoyed this conversation. Thank you for your time, and I hope to talk to you again soon.”
  9. Polarize your questions. “So Matt, do you find this product interesting or is it just for maniacs?” Surely the majority of prospects won’t answer that it’s for crazy people. If it were, why did they listen to your five-minute presentation?
  10. Get them to act now! Why wait? What are their concerns? Tell them that there’s a risk involved in not acting now! Answer their objections smoothly. “You know what, most of our clients say exactly that, and now they are all out and recommending us to their friends and family.”

A Never Giving Up Attitude

As a salesperson, you can’t be afraid of the word no. When you see all the top sales people—you only see the top of the iceberg. You don’t see their mistakes, failures, and disappointments. You don’t see all the frustration that they had to go through. Therefore, don’t give up and always know that you can become great at selling if you decide to.

Thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed the ten sales tips and please feel free to drop a comment below to let me know what you think.

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